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Newquay beer festivalIt’s that time of year when days get shorter, temperatures begin to drop, and leaves fall from the trees, as the balmy summer makes way for the crisp autumn. During this cosy season, pubs are often swapped for cosy nights in, watching TV dramas like Poldark in front of the fire with a beer or glass of wine, as we prepare to hibernate through the winter.

Don’t dig out the onesies just yet though, as Cornwall has a variety of beer festivals happening this autumn, making it a great time of year to book a stay at one of our classic Cornish cottages in Polruan or Fowey.

Here are some local beer festivals happening in Cornwall this autumn where you’ll get to sample a few pints of local and international dark and light beers, smooth lagers, fruity ales and sweet ciders:

Eden beer festivalNewquay Beer Festival, Hendra Holiday Park

Held at the holiday park on the outskirts of Newquay, there will be around 50 delicious Cornish and national beers to try at this event. There’s an impressive line-up of live music throughout the day and night, and all proceeds will go to charity.

Eden Beer Festival, Eden Project

Held annually at the Eden Project in partnership with St Austell Brewery, the festival will have a variety of beers, ales, and ciders within a unique setting surrounded by gardens and the huge biomes. There will be live music, great food, and the chance to sample Eden-inspired Small Batch Brews.

OktoberFest TruroOktoberFest Truro, Lemon Quay, Truro

Bavaria comes to Truro at this German-inspired beer festival on the piazza, where you can enjoy delicious beers and traditional music from the OOMPRAH BRASS band. The two-day event is in partnership with Schwaben Brau Brewery in Stuttgart and Truro-based Skinner’s Brewery, whose mascot Betty Stoggs will be there to crack open the first keg. German food will be served and there will be plenty of dancing in lederhosen.

Falmouth beer festivalFalmouth Beer Festival, Princess Pavilion, Falmouth

There will be more than 240 local and international beers, ales, ciders, perries and wines to enjoy at this annual event, which has become one of the biggest beer festivals in the South West. Held inside the Pavilion’s main halls and spilling out into a marquee in the garden, there will be live music and food.

St Austell Brewery Celtic Beer Festival, St Austell Brewery Centre

Boasting more than 130 local beers, ales, stouts, and ciders, this festival is a great place to sample the local tipple in real beer cellars. Try a pint of Tribute, Proper Job or Korev, and enjoy live music from live bands all day and night. All profits from this beer festival will go to St Austell Brewery Charitable Trust.

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