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Beer Festival Falmouth Cornwall

Dead of Night Dance - Rogue Theatre in Tehidy Woods

Award winning Rogue Theatre Company are back in Tehidy woods, doing what they do best, full immersive theatre in the heart of Cornish woodland! The Dead of Night Dance is a wicked and wonderful Halloween celebration of theatre and adventure, thrills, frights, and delights where short stories play out on stage in a ghoulish spook show!

With a wild blend of imagination, magic and macabre humour, Rogue Theatre mixes live music, storytelling, dance and a twist of spectacle. The adventure follows a path through the woods into the land of the dead and ends under a wonderful stretch canvas tent, so dress for the weather of this world and the cold of the underworld.

There will be bumps and scares and spooky moments but this is the woods on Halloween week after all! Ghosts, ghouls, vampires, witches and the demonically possessed all welcome. Fancy dress, fangs and pumpkins are encouraged for all ages. There are always hot refreshments, cold drinks, beer, wine, cider and of course vegetable woodland stew from a bubbling cauldron (with a Halloween twist) available to buy.

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Owlman of Mawnan Spooky Night Walk - Trebah Garden

Trebah Garden on the Helford is fabulous any time of year, but during October half term the garden comes alive for spooky night walks, including the story of the Owlman of Mawnan.

Enter the gardens for a magical torch light storytelling walk, will you be lucky enough to see the Owlman with his red glowing eyes? Food and refreshments will be available from the café and don’t forget to book this is a popular spooky adventure!
For more information and tickets:

CAMRA Beer Festival – Princess Pavilions Falmouth

One of the best ways to enjoy the spirit of Cornwall is to go to the CAMRA Falmouth Beer Festival.
A celebration of real ale, cider and perry. The world of wine is comfortably outclassed here by beer when it comes to diversity of style and taste. The full range will be represented at Falmouth from light, citrusy pale ales to pitch black porters! In addition to the huge Cornish Bar, other bars provide an excellent selection of the finest products of the brewer’s art from all over England, Wales and Scotland.

But it’s not just a weekend of drinking! There is ample live music, games and other entertainment throughout the festival. The best being the eruptions of Cornish male voice and folk singers, bringing the heart of Cornwall and songs of the sea to life throughout the festival. The evenings tend to be lively and busy, with the daytime period starting quieter while the numbers and buzz steadily build into the night.

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