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Ferries from Falmouth Cornwall

Falmouth is the ultimate coastal base for day tripping by boat. Enjoy a leisurely day out on an organised trip with one of these wonderful local companies.

Enjoy this 20 minute scenic ride connecting the old world fishing harbour of St Mawes with Falmouth. Crossing the harbour 364 days a year, this trip saves passengers from what would be a 29 mile car journey. Once at your destination of St Mawes, we thoroughly recommend a Cornish afternoon tea in one of its many quirky eateries, followed by a meander around its harbour, shops and castle.

This fleet sails regularly between the hub of Truro and Falmouth harbour along the banks of the unspoilt Fal River, stopping at Malpas and Trelissick along the way. Snacks, hot refreshments and toilets are available on board and there is also an informative commentary from the boat’s skipper. Four legged friends are welcome on leads!

If you fancy a more solitary affair, just pop into town to start your adventure. Bob around the harbour and explore quiet creeks and secret beaches before indulging in a tasty picnic hamper which you can now hire from St Michaels (filled with a range of goodies, from £25 for two people, just call 07.)

Get closer to Cornish wildlife on one of these unique tours – from dolphins, seals and whales to sea birds and basking sharks. The purpose-built Seaquest departs Falmouth each day and soaks up the spectacular sights of the Carrick Roads.

This proud Falmouth family business with many years of experience navigating the local waters. All of their cruises are onboard the MV Princessa and operate daily from the Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth. With a fully licensed bar, the Princessa is also available for private charter excursions for sunset cruises or floating celebrations.

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