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Andrew Upton signing the Recognition Agreement with King Charles C of E Primary SchoolUniversity College Falmouth (UCF) and King Charles C of E Primary School have joined forces and signed a 'Recognition Agreement', aimed at raising aspirations and awareness about Higher Education among Cornish primary school pupils.

King Charles in Falmouth is the first primary school in the County to sign a Recognition Agreement with UCF, leading the way for other schools to join this beneficial scheme. The scheme encourages collaborative hands-on work for children in Key Stages 1 and 2 to visit the University Campus at Tremough, which is shared by UCF and the University of Exeter, and produce creative work, record music and make use of the excellent campus facilities.

Dr Andrew Upton, Pro Rector (Learning & Teaching) at UCF, explains the importance of the agreement. "The formal 'recognition' cements our existing links and activities made between King Charles Primary School and the University College by our dedicated Outreach team. Outreach at UCF works behind the scenes to introduce Higher Education to children of all ages. It is designed to support and encourage young pupils to aim high."

Heather Taylor, Head Teacher for King Charles Primary School, says "We are delighted to be formalising our relationship and to be the first primary school in Cornwall to sign this agreement with UCF. Our talented Singing Club is going to record King Charles' school song at the University College, which will hopefully be the first of many collaborative projects. We are committed to raising our pupils' aspirations by giving them the best possible learning experiences, and working with UCF provides us with such an opportunity to enhance our own values.

Hannah Partington, Widening Participation Officer at UCF, explains the three tiered Recognition Agreement scheme further, she says "The underpinning philosophy is 'Aim Higher'. The first layer begins at primary school consisting of a learning partnership that is relatively broad; this part of the scheme will be expanded in the future to community groups. The middle layer is the Compact Agreement which builds pathways to Higher Education for pupils in Years 7-11. The final layer is the Progression Agreement - when a place at University College Falmouth is guaranteed through successful scheme achievements.

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