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Great YarmouthAre you struggling to cope with the chilly weather? Cure those post-summer blues with a holiday close to home. Not only is a break away good for the soul, travelling outside of peak season means fewer tourist and cheaper places to stay.

These are the top 20 English towns where you can get a real bargain this autumn; if you book through Holiday Lettings – the UK’s leading holiday rental website.

1. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk: £324 average weekly rate

Great Yarmouth has been welcoming visitors since the mid-18th century and is one of the country’s oldest holiday resorts. The Golden Mile alongside Central Beach is popular with families during the summer months but there’s still plenty to keep you entertained when the seasons start to change. The Merrivale Model Village is a real family-friendly treat where adults and children alike can learn about local hero Admiral Lord Nelson at the Nelson Museum.
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2. Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire: £389 average weekly rate

This quaint North Sea fishing port is a favourite with day-trippers visiting Yorkshire’s east coast. The town boasts an award-winning promenade, a brilliant beach (where you can enjoy a donkey ride) and lots of timeless amusement arcades. Just up the coast is a stretch of rugged white cliffs called Flamborough Head. It’s a haven for birdwatchers as the soaring cliffs are home to over 200, 000 seabirds.
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Bridlington3. Pickering, North Yorkshire: £396 average weekly rate

Sitting at the edge of the stunning North York Moors is the ancient market town of Pickering. Often used as base to explore the whole of Yorkshire, there are plenty of excellent eateries and quirky shops to make Pickering a tremendous holiday spot itself. Climb on board a traditional steam train at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway for a scenic journey through the National Park. If you’d prefer a trip back in time to Victorian England, the Beck Isle Museum is a sure-fire hit with both kids and adults alike.
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4. Filey, East Riding of Yorkshire: £406 average weekly rate

Filey has one of the biggest beaches in England, so no matter how busy it gets, you’ll always find room to fly a kite or even build a sandcastle. Take a stroll along the promenade and discover the series of artworks by Russ Coleman inspired by the town’s natural heritage. If you have a passion for wildlife, a visit to the Bird Garden and Animal Park or Filey Brigg should be high on the agenda. There, you’ll be able to find exotic animals, interesting geology and marine life all year round.
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Pickering 25. Cromer, Norfolk: £408 average weekly rate

Cromer is perched on the edge of the north Norfolk coast – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Made fashionable by Victorians and developed by the Edwardians, Cromer established itself as the resort for the well-to-do. Nowadays anyone can enjoy the town’s architectural grandeur and invigorating sea air. Visitors to Cromer should sample the world-famous crab, known to be unusually tender and sweet, and catch a traditional seaside show at the theatre on the end of the pier.
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6. Bude, Cornwall: £455 average weekly rate

Popular with ramblers, surfers and swimmers due to its unspoiled beaches and rugged coastline, Bude is one of Cornwall’s top destinations. People say it’s Bude’s chilled out vibe which makes it such a hit with holidaymakers. You’ll find a hive of indie boutiques selling knickknacks and eccentric bistros serving only the finest locally caught mussels. There’s plenty to keep the children entertained too, from high-octane activities in the outdoors as well as attractions and museums around the town.
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7. Keswick, Cumbria: £455 average weekly rate

For hundreds of years visitors have come to Keswick to gaze upon the gentle allure of Derwentwater and the awe-inspiring mountain range of Skiddaw. The natural beauty surrounding the town of Keswick is thought to have provided inspiration to the famous romantic poets of the age, including William Wordsworth. The historic market town is full of cosy taverns and intriguing shops to keep you content while you’re in the north lakes.

Filey Cromer Bude Keswick

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