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Falmouth is located in the Carrick district of Cornwall county, in the South West region of the United Kingdom. It is a large seaside town famous for its harbour, which is the third deepest natural harbour in the world and the deepest in Western Europe. Additionally, this harbour is famous for being the starting and finishing points for some of the famous around-the-world voyages and is home of the annual sailing regatta, Falmouth Week. As one of the largest ports in Cornwall, the maritime industry still provides much of the town’s economy.

Falmouth harbour has slips to accommodate everything from the smallest yacht to the largest luxury cruise liners. Nowadays, however, with its seafaring heyday in the past, Falmouth is primarily a tourist destination, and with good reason. Falmouth’s accommodations make it one of the most enjoyable places to rest and relax. Dozens of guest houses, , apartments, chalets, and hostels are awaiting your visit, eager to help you rest up and prepare to further enjoy what the town has to offer. A leisure center is also available to the tired traveler, where warm pools offer to help reinvigorate your senses.

File 1925As one of Cornwall’s largest towns, Falmouth has much to offer in the way of amenities, and can accommodate every size group, from one person to a dozen. the towns first hotel that was customized for those on holiday in the town was built in 1865; given such a long tradition of serving travelers and holiday vacationers, The town has a lot of experience serving visitors and making their holiday as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. The nature afforded by Falmouth’s location is breathtaking to say the least. The area around Falmouth is untamed and wild, with cliffs reaching into the sky as high as the native birds fly. Taking advantage of the sheltered bays and lack of current, many people have made the town a central locality for wind and water sports, including fishing, kiteboarding, sailing, surfing, and diving.

has also hosted popular sailing expeditions, races, and regattas, allowing it to continue its proud, maritime tradition. Additionally, Falmouth is located at the end of the Fal Estuary, for which the town is named. This area has been deemed to have the most beautiful creek and river network in all of Britain. Additionally, there are many sandy beaches, all ideal for the swimmer and bather, and since the town suffers few seasonal changes, most are available for use all year long. There are also several local gardens available for those who wish to see Falmouth’s beauty closely, as well as some of Britain’s native birds, butterflies, and other animals. If you’re a history buff and you plan to visit the area, no other location could be more suited to your tastes. Falmouth is over four hundred and fifty years old, and every single moment of those years is steeped in historical fascinations. The local churches have much history of their own, some going back to the founding of Falmouth. Many important messages from the British Civil War era and the Battle of Trafalgar passed through this port, as well as many other different messages due to the Falmouth Packet services, a mail delivery system based out of the town.

Falmouth is famous for being a mecca for sailing and yachting and the town hosts many races and is often the start and finish line for major international events. Falmouth Week Regatta is the largest sailing event in the South West and attracts thousands of sailors and spectators to the town each year.

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