St Michaels Hotel

ST Michael Hotel Falmouth England

We have Cornwall's unique micro-climate to thank for our lush sub-tropical gardens - the best spot for you to uncover nature.

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Get amongst our towering trees, find a secret shady spot to finish your book, and feel the sea breeze on your face mixed with seasonal flower scents. Now that’s our kind of afternoon. From picnics and Champagne afternoon teas to sunbathing and summer snoozing, our garden is an oasis of coastal calm.

We’re only a few minutes’ walk along the promenade to Falmouth – a creative town that has it all. With a bevy of unique independent shops, museums, bars, galleries and cafés to explore, you’ll find the perfect way to while away your stay. And our top tip whilst you’re here – catch the passenger ferry from Falmouth to St Mawes across the River Fal.

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