Falmouth to Milford Haven

Yacht Haven Falmouth Cornwall

TransEurope Marinas - Marina ServiceNeyland Yacht Haven benefits from an unrivalled location in the beautiful surrounds of the Westfield Pill area of the Milford Haven Waterway. The Lower Basin offers unlimited tidal access with no locks or cills. This makes Neyland the ideal base to enjoy these fascinating waters, whether exploring the offshore islands of the rugged Pembrokeshire coast or the quiet tree lined creeks of this sheltered estuary.

Our most helpful and experienced staff aim to provide the best possible welcome and experence for visitors and residents alike.

Neyland Yacht Haven is ideal for those wishing to cruise to and from Southern Ireland, Padstow, South West England and the Scilly Isles.

The picturesque seaport of Padstow in Cornwall has become a popular cruising location for many Neyland yachtsmen. Situated on the West bank of the River Camel, 2 miles from the sea, it is 74 miles from Neyland. Padstow provides a safe haven for sailors wishing to break the longer trip to Penzance, Falmouth or the Scilly Isles.

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