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shipOur small group, privately guided tours in Ireland and Britain for all travelers who want to enjoy our own, private tour and for Princess British Isles cruise ships in major ports. Have only a few hours to spend and want to cover the highlights or a special itinerary? Ask about a separate private car tour or shore excursion in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cobh (Cork), just for your party, too..

We will pick you up at your hotel or cruise ship and return you in time for your sailing. Travel by chauffeured car, limousine or minicoach.

If you don't see exactly what you want here, please ask. We are experts at planning unusual itineraries.

Elite cruise terminal private trips at competitive prices. Lynott Tours' shore excursion prices are considerably lower than those offered at ship’s excursion desks for private excursions and even competitive with those for group bus tours. Conducted in English, our shore excursions, operated by sedans and minibuses, enjoy unrestricted access to city centers, carrying passengers directly to monuments and sites.Blarney Castle No tiring, uncomfortable walks from and to distant parking places. Advance bookings at museums and sites ensure admission ahead of time consuming ticket lines.

We have both scheduled small group tours for most British Isles and Ireland sailings, as well as private departures for your group alone, in a separate minicoach for all cruiselines.
What's included in our SCHEDULED tours of Ireland and Britain :

The following are for Princess sailings. PLEASE NOTE: The following are scheduled tours, where you will share the coach with up to 16 persons. We will advise you of departure times when you make your reservations. Meet our driver/guide at the dock, near your cruiseship. Other dates/itineraries are USA & Canada

Stirling CastleMany cruise lines claim that if you do not book your shore excursions with them, they will leave without you. We have NEVER had a client left behind on one of our shore excursions!

We're the Britain and Ireland Shore Excursion experts. Whether your clients want to see historic sites, pubs, gardens or more - We Have It All !

Our small group shore excursions (limited to 16 persons), are operated by Lynott Tours in smaller minicoaches, mainly Mercedes vehicles which have access to places that the large coaches cannot go.. USD rates per person INCLUDING ADMISSION FEES.

Read about our excursions to the ancient castles, picture book villages, museums, and many more exciting places.

DUBLIN GUINNESS & BOOK OF KELLS FULL DAY- AVAILABLE SMALL GROUP SHORE EXCURSIONS You will be taken on a half-day sightseeing tour of Ireland's capital. Dublin has retained its aura of Georgian elegance with many examples of fine architecture. Tour Trinity College, founded in the sixteenth century, where you will certainly want to spend some time in the library viewing the famous Book of Kells. You'll see the curved Bank of Ireland Building which was once the Parliament House.Leeds Castle Visit the Guinness Storehouse in the heart of old Dublin at St. James Gate. This your introduction to the world's most famous creamy stout, an exploration of the ingredients, brewing process, cooperage, the time and the passion that goes into brewing Guinness. Here, you sample some of the famous brews in the Gravity Bar. There's no finer way to spend your time in Dublin. Free time for shopping and exploring on your own.

USA & Canada

St. Ives shore excursionCOBH (CORK) - BLARNEY, KINSALE EXCURSION AVAILABLE SMALL GROUP SHORE EXCURSIONS You take the scenic route through Cobh, originally a small fishing village, and then the base for the British Navy. Cobh was the departure point for many Irish immigrants in the 19th century, and is associated with the loss of the Titanic and Lusitania. Titanic victims are buried in the local graveyard. Visit Blarney with time for shopping at the Blarney Woolen Mills and a chance to kiss "The Stone". The Rock Close and its surroundings, is a curious place of ancient trees and far more ancient stones, by legend a garden of druidic origin and a center of worship in pre-Christian days. The place has an aura of magic and mystique with Wishing Steps, Witch's Kitchen, Druids' Cave and many other delights, telling a story of centuries past. Kinsale, one of the most historic and picturesque towns in Cork has quaint cobbled streets, gourmet restaurants and yachts moored in the harbor. Full Day.

Another hint for you is to learn some differences in Irish English and American English: Togs are men's bathing suits (usually Speedo style).

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