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Jacob's Rest is renovated townhouse that can't fail to delight. Just a few minutes from the town centre, and with views of the bay from every window, this is holidaying in Cornwall at its most convenient.

Sleeping up to five in three bedroom with two bathrooms and arranged over four floors, this delightful holiday home is in a residential street just a minutes’ walk from Falmouth town centre and situated near the top of Jacob’s Ladder – Falmouth’s famous flight of 111 granite steps constructed in 1840.

Upon entering at street-level you’ll find a beautiful wooden floored hallway, a double bedroom with king-size bed, and a modern shower room complete with electric power shower, WC, basin, and heated towel rail. You can see Falmouth’s bustling harbour from the bed, or go out onto your private balcony for a closer look. You can easily while away the hours watching boats of all shapes and sizes drift back and forth, the waves lapping gently, and the seabirds circling ideally overhead.

The upstairs open plan living area features a vaulted ceiling and comfortable leather sofas which are perfectly positioned to allow you to make the most of that magnificent view. It is the ultimate place to relax and unwind after a hard days exploring, with a flat screen TV and DVD player provided in case you want to save the views for another day.

On the other side of the staircase is a stunning kitchen, complete with slate worktops, and dining area. Modern and extremely well equipped, the kitchen features Neff appliances including a dishwasher, fridge, oven and grill with four ring gas hob – everything you will need during your stay.

On the lower ground floor is the second bedroom, complete with a super king-size bed that can be arranged as twin singles if required, as well as a balcony with – yes, you guessed it – picturesque views across the water!

The family bathroom has a bath with shower over, WC, basin and heated towel rail. Also on this level is a utility area with washing machine and tumble dryer and freezer.

Further stairs lead down to the basement bedroom, a comfortable single with French doors to the patio area with garden furniture.

Your private parking space is just a short walk away from the house, as are steps leading down to Falmouth town centre. How much more convenient could it get?

Jacob’s Rest is the perfect property for those looking for a leisurely and peaceful stay in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall. Designed for relaxing, the property will delight, inspire, and calm its lucky guests, so book today.

Floor plan

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For more information please contact us:

Tel: +44 (0)1326 567 344


Jacobs Rest was quite exceptional and proved to be far far better than we had expected. The location was perfect with simply stunning views and Falmouth centre literally a minutes walk away. The accommodation and quality of the furnishing etc was also tremendous. Thank you for the greatly appreciated welcome gift of scones jam and Cornish clotted cream.

The location was lovely with a view over Falmouth harbour from every room. We also like the clean, uncluttered lines of the interior. Little touches like the fresh scones, clotted cream, Cornish tea bags and jam and fresh milk in the fridge made it all seem much more personal. Also appreciated the selection of books, games and binoculars.

We have had a fantastic time at Jacob’s Rest and loved every minute of it perfect house in a wonderful location!

The Minnock Family

The entire holiday was a complete success due largely to your wonderful property and service. We would not hesitate to recommend this cottage to anyone.

Mr & Mrs David

Great position, views just wonderful

The Antrims

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