Falmouth Luxury Holiday

Cottages in Falmouth Cornwall

Image ofA comfortable cottage with sea views, a timeless charm and warming wood burner.

Close to the stunning coast and golden beaches at Falmouth with tantalising views over the surrounding countryside towards the sea.

Quality, comfort and informality combine.

Pets are very welcome here! The delightful garden which is well screened from view is safe for children and canine companions.

A traditional cottage in a leafy hamlet with tantalising views towards the sea from the first floor.

A serene master bedroom with dreamy far reaching coast and country views.

Super comfy beds, soft cotton bed linens and ample storage.

Plunge into rural bliss.

Image ofThe master bedroom.

A pristine bathroom with Velux windows to watch clouds race and stars shine.

Expect nothing less than a pristine and modern bathroom with thick, fluffy towels.

Warm, intimate and perfect for romance and honeymoons.

Spacious sitting room with a substantial wood burner set in a large granite inglenook fireplace, rug topped polished oak floor and squashy brown leather settees.

Space and comfort combine.

Image ofEat at the elegant dining table or dine alfresco in the delightful garden.

The country kitchen.

Simplicity and rustic charm.

Immaculate and well equipped.

Your call - the second bedroom can be presented as a single or twin.

Attention to detail.

Pretty views over the garden from the second bedroom.

A private garden plus an enclosed meadow, neighbouring the owners farmhouse, that is perfect for exercising dogs.

Stunning sub-tropical Trebah Gardens is well worth a visit and is less than 10 minutes by car.

The vibrant maritime town of Falmouth with its sandy beaches is less than a 10 minute drive.

Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth, one of the most popular beaches in Cornwall has a Blue Flag status beach.

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