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Pendennis Castle Falmouth UK

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Pendennis Castle Wedding

Congratulations to Si & Sara on their Pendennis Castle wedding. The day started with being greeted by one of the ushers in his boxers and a penguin belt, not the usual introduction I’m used to haha. Thank you to Si’s dad for the bacon sandwich and the tea it was greatly appreciated. I grabbed a few shots of the boys playing American football before they tucked in to a full English breakfast. I grabbed a few images of the boys getting ready before going over to Sara’s house for the bride preparation.

I have to say the girl’s house was chaos!! 4 bridesmaids, 2 flowers girls and a bride all getting ready at the same time. I did the usual detailed shots waiting for Sara’s make up to be finished and found some lovely light coming in through the kitchen so took full advantage of it.

pendennis castle wedding 98After capturing a few images of Sara in her wedding dress, it was a short drive across Falmouth to Pendennis Castle to catch the guest arriving. This is the second Pendennis Castle wedding I’ve covered, which is great as it pushes me to get different shots to the wedding I covered there previously.

Pendennis Castle wedding

The Pendennis Castle wedding ceremony was beautiful and probably the funniest one I’ve ever photographed. As Si was saying he’s vows, I could see Sara, saying “don’t say it, don’t say it” but un-sure why.pendennis castle wedding 97 Then Si said, “I take thee Rachel”(quote – Friends Tv Show) which had everybody in hysterics except the register . This was shortly followed by a speech from one of the ushers who gave the loudest, animated speeches I’ve ever seen. He took the words from a Westlife song Flying Without Wings and said it in the style of a gospel preacher. I think it must have been the funniest speech ever to been said at a Pendennis Castle wedding.

pendennis castle wedding 94After the ceremony we headed to The Waymarker on the way to Gweek for the wedding breakfast. I visited The Waymarker the day before to drop off Si & Sarah signing board from their engagement shoot, and passed a field with purple flowers. This fitted Sara’s purple colour scheme and would be perfect for some nice shots of them together. After some lovely food provided by the Waymarker we headed less than 100 metres from the restaurant to this amazing shed to capture some more shots of them sharing a moment.

I hope you all enjoyed the rest of the evening and have had a nice relaxing honeymoon in Dubai.

Paul x

“I take thee Rachel”(quote – Friends Tv Show)

Guests can see the whole selection of the photographs from Si and Sara’s engagement session. Prints can be bought from a password protected gallery with the password needs to be obtained from Si or Sara. If you are considering a Pendennis Castle wedding then please drop me a line and we can discuss your wedding photography requirements.

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