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Retanna Holiday Park, near Helston and Falmouth in CornwallOur Park is situated in undulating Cornish countryside on the A394 midway between Falmouth and Helston. There is good access to the Park with easy parking at the reception. The reception is wheelchair friendly with double doors and low threshold. Some caravan and tent pitches are positioned on gently sloping grass accessed by a tarmac road the remainder are relatively level. Car parking is adjacent to all caravans and pitches. The road through the Park varies between - near level, 1:30 and 1:18 and has occasional speed bumps which restrict traffic to the 10mph limit strictly observed. There is sufficient room to the side of these bumps to allow passage of pushchairs, wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles.

The Park has 23 conventional holiday caravans consisting of 1/2/3 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, toilet / shower etc. with full recommended inventory. Some of these caravans have low thresholds and access has been possible for certain mobility impaired guests. We would be pleased to discuss limitations when making a reservation. For hearing impaired guests teletext T.V. with subtitle service (888) is available in all caravans. Being a smaller Park we do not anticipate the introduction of a fully converted wheelchair access holiday caravan until the extra space required can be accommodated in our Park layout.

Our reception incorporates a small shop providing basic goods. Wheelchair user accessible facilities include our patio area with tables and chairs outside reception and the games room which also has tables and chairs together with a large T.V. for viewing. Wheelchair users also have good access to the grassed play area - although participation on play equipment is very limited. Our small butterfly garden is accessible to all with a paved area and seating.

In 2009 our brand new toilet and shower facility opened alongside the camping area. This includes ladies and gents toilets and showers together with a laundry room and wash up room. A disabled private suite is also a feature of this new building providing toilet / shower / washbasin etc. The laundry is not accessible by wheelchair users due to space restrictions, however we would be pleased to offer service washes at normal charges in such circumstances.

At the lower end of the Park we have a second larger disabled toilet /shower room which offers left and right toilet transfer. Access from the Park road is via a sloping path at 1:17 & 0.9 metre wide. Although this particular facility is 140 metres to the nearest level camping pitch it is right next to one of our Gweek caravans which has ramped access and may be suitable for mobility impaired guests travelling alone or with family. We would be happy to discuss any points concerning the above.

If a wheelchair is required during your stay we are pleased to arrange this through the local St.John Ambulance who are pleased to accept donations for up keep and maintenance, but please advise when booking. Assistance dogs are welcome on the Park however we do not offer a dog exercise area. As an alternative dogs can be walked along the lane adjacent to the Park at owners risk.

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