Places to visit Near Falmouth England

My family has lived in Falmouth for 41 years now and I still have to pinch myself when I walk or cycle its beautiful stretch of coast between the Helford and Fal, its two beautiful rivers.

Approaching Falmouth from the coastal path

So it was no great surprise to see that the Sunday Times (March 20th) has voted the town, with its "finest blend of rural and urban life" the number 1 place to live in the whole of South-West England.

Swanpool Beach, Falmouth

Not only is Falmouth a great place to live it is also a wonderful place to visit, and is an excellent base for exploring west Cornwall's south and north coasts. Thanks to the Maritime rail link between Falmouth and mainline Truro it is possible to get around with no need for a car, and for those visiting, for any reason, but hopefully for a MEI Conference, I recommend that they take a look at the posting 10 good reasons to spend some time in Falmouth.

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