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Gyllyngvase Beach Falmouth CornwallFalmouth Cornwall is, along with Penzance Cornwall, one of the biggest towns in Cornwall and one of Cornwall's leading resorts. Falmouth sits on the beautiful estuary of the River Fal and offers a busy town centre, beaches, beautiful gardens, a harbour, lots of attractions and excellent facilities. The harbour town of Falmouth is a good place to visit whatever the season and is easily accessible by car, train or bus.

The main high street follows the harbour and estuary and so you can enjoy the views through the gaps in the buildings or shop windows whilst you shop. The main street gets very busy with people and traffic (only one way traffic allowed) in the summer season but armed with patience is worth persevering with as does have some nice individual shops. Falmouth has good facilities with lots of shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants. The Greenbank Hotel has fantastic views of the harbour from its stunning restaurant and attached pub The Working Boat, which for those of you with a dog is also a dog friendly place to eat in Cornwall.

Falmouth also has two cinemas, the Maritime museum, a theatre, swimming pool and many other attractions.

Falmouth has three beaches, Castle beach, the smallest of the beaches, Gyllyngvase beach and Swanpool beach. Gyllyngvase beach Falmouth is the most popular and busiest of the beaches and offers golden sands and lifeguards in the summer season. There is plenty of parking a cafe and take a way on the beach and nearby hotels offering food and accommodation. The immaculately maintained Gyllyngvase Gardens (as pictured above right) are next to Gyllyngvase beach and are a very relaxing place to sit.

Pendennis Castle Falmouth Cornwall Swanpool beach Falmouth is a smaller beach with a pool across the road which is a nature reserve and a haven to wildlife particularly ducks and swans. There is an outdoor cafe and take a way on the beach, plenty of parking, toilets, crazy golf and the option to hire kayaks. There is a nice walk along the coast path from Gyllyngvase to Swanpool with beautiful views out to sea.

Pendennis Castle Falmouth stands magnificently on the cliff top at Pendennis point and you can pay to visit the building and gardens. A National Heritage property Falmouth Castle was built by Henry VIII to defend the country against invasion. This award-winning visitor attraction in Cornwall also boasts an exciting interactive exhibition where you can experience the sights and sounds of battle. Dogs welcome on leads. For more information see our Castles Cornwall page.

Falmouth Cornwall is a good place to visit as it has lots to offer everyone, it can also be a good base for a holiday in West Cornwall.

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