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Glasney Student Village

(available to students studying with Falmouth University and the University of Exeter)

Glasney Student Village is located within the grounds of Penryn Campus and accommodates over 1800 students. The 90-acre site has spectacular views over Falmouth and Penryn, the sea and the surrounding countryside. The on-campus facilities include a gym, refectory, cafes and a bar, a live events venue, shop and Accommodation and Student Support Services. It is only a twenty minute bus ride from Falmouth town and a ten minute walk from Penryn town centre.

Students share a flat with six to eight others from Falmouth University and the University of Exeter with each flat offering a fully equipped kitchen/living area. To increase the number of students who benefit from the experience of living in halls we offer shared occupancy living for two students in our studybed or bunk bed rooms and also a number of single occupancy en-suite rooms. The shared occupancy rooms (max. 2 per flat) are en-suite and fully furnished.

Our shared studybed rooms give a cleverly designed study and living space for two students. They rotate between two functions, acting alternatively as a single bed and a large desk area; the innovative design means there is no need to clear the desk before rotating to the bed function. We also provide a limited number of bunk bed rooms to offer a more diverse range of shared options to suit all budgets. Our single occupancy en-suite rooms are furnished with a double or single bed.

The Halls Team are on hand to support all residents during their stay at Glasney Village. Staff are available in Glasney Lodge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to deal with your enquiries or problems.

Please read the documents below for further information such as costs and contract length. You can also find a map and a picture gallery at the bottom of this page which you may find helpful. Before choosing your accommodation please read the Accommodation Guide for information on all of our halls and how to apply. For more information on our room quota's and how we allocate please see our Allocations Policy.

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